Liquid ThreeEye


Liquid ThreeEye


Detective Fiction: Genre Elements


This drug, known as ThreeEye, is no ordinary drug. This substance allows the user to see not just just the streets and shops of Chicago, but also the preternatural aspects. Any monsters, auras, or other magical elements of Chicago will be unveiled by ingesting this substance. Although this sounds like an interesting phenomenon, the Sights that these people experience can drive them to complete madness. 

Unlike the death of Gordon Way, ThreeEye plays a much larger role in the narrative of its respective novel. Even though Dresden gets involved in the conflict through the absence of Monica Sells's husband, he becomes further ensnared because of the mysterious surfacing of deranged drug addicts who are harping about seeing even stranger things within the streets of Chicago. 

"There were boxes stacked all around me, plastic cases and cartons and cardboard boxes and wooden crates. I opened the nearest one, and saw, inside, at least a hundred slender vials like the ones I had seen before, full of the liquid ThreeEye. Beneath the vision of my Sight, it looked different, thick and cloudy with possibility, potential disaster lurking in every vial. Faces, twisted in horror and torment, swam through the liquid, ghostly images of what might be." 


Butcher, Jim. Storm Front. New York: Penguin Group, 2000. Print.


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