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High Fantasy in Modern Fiction

High fantasy, a subgenre of fantasy fiction, is usually classified by fictional settings that are in fantasized worlds and often have other fictionalized aspects. While there are many different aspects to include, author-created languages, non-human races, and various forms of magic are three commonly seen things in high fantasy works. Many modern High fantasy works are measured against the great J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy and often include similar themes.

When looking at a work of fiction, the subgenre of high fantasy can be seen if the story has a conflict between good and evil characters. This conflict often puts the fate of the world at stake, and is often (but not always) spread out through multiple installments. Other noticeable traits that are sometimes seen in high fantasy include maps of the fictionalized worlds and magical items that assist the protagonists.

This collection targets the use of magical weapons, specifically swords, in high fantasy works.

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