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Surgeon Tools are related to Victor's hubris and the fact that he let it get the best of him. Surgeon tools are usually used to preserve life however in Victor's case, he uses them for destruction. This will connect to character, as Victor's tools…

Dr. Victor Frankenstein has a vast thirst for knowledge, but does not have much in the way wisdom in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus. The novel ultimately questions the wisdom in Dr. Frankenstein's God-like ability to create…

The letters in this collection were written by lonely Captain of the ship, Robert Walton while exploring the Arctic in search of a new country. In these letters, Walton describes in detail a "strange incident", introducing the world to the story of…

Caroline Frankenstein.jpg
Small picture of Victor's mother that was on William's person when he was murdered. Was later used as a means of framing and blackmail to pin the murder on the servant by the creature.

Frankenstein is a book by Marry Shelley published in 1818. It accounts a scientist that creates life from dead body parts, creating a creature that he becomes afraid of.

An old science type open space with a gurney and some sheets, and some assorted vials and bottles. The laboratory can represent setting, as the place where Frankenstein is created (place).

De Lacey Guitar.jpg
1794 Fabricatore 6 string Early Romantic French Guitar. Honey colored wood, simple decoration around the edge of the guitar and the sound hole. Decorative black metal expanding from guitar’s bridge. Some mild scratching due to age.

Lightning and electricity are the source of energy that allows for the creation of the monster in the novel Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus written by Mary Shelley. Without this natural resource provided by the earth, the creation of the…

Agrippa photo.jpg
Victor Frankenstein's book written by Cornelius Agrippa. Due to the conflict from his father's dismissal of this book, Victor reads this book and other similar books with much more passion.

A creation of Dr. Frankenstein, who used body parts from old graves to bring this being to life.
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