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During the Games training, the tributes were dressed in minimalist, unisex uniforms of black, grey, and maroon. “Short stand of colors and chunky black boots helped to imagine a rugged image that felt equal parts prison, sport, and military uniform.”

For Katniss’ first interview with the host of the Hunger Games, Caesar Flickerman, she wore a glittering red dress. She won the Capitol over by showing off her outfit and twirling around, making her look beautiful. “When she twirled, artificial…

This somber, tonal landscape of reaping day was shattered by the arrival of the Peacekeepers in their contrasting white and black uniforms. The Peacekeepers were controlled by the Capitol, and were tasked with maintaining order throughout the nation…

The flag of Panem symbolized that the Capitol reigned over each district. “Every year, the flag was waved during the reaping of each district tribute in order to keep the districts from thoughts of rebellion.”

Panem’s President Coriolanus Snow wore a white rose in his jacket lapel in an attempt to hide the smell of blood that came from mouth sores due to a poisoned drink that enabled him to mercilessly survive. “These roses were grown in a greenhouse in…
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