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Panem’s President Coriolanus Snow wore a white rose in his jacket lapel in an attempt to hide the smell of blood that came from mouth sores due to a poisoned drink that enabled him to mercilessly survive. “These roses were grown in a greenhouse in…

Jabberjay Art (2).jpg
The Jabberjay is type of bird mutation created by the Capital of Panem.

In the time of the Dark Days, jabberjays were used as a weapon to spy on enemies of the Capital. They were known to have the ability to memorize entire human conversations…

Dinah is Alice's cat. Alice often talks to the kitten, she once suggests that "in [Alice's] world, [Dinah] would not say meow, [she] would say 'Yes, Miss Alice'". Alice tells the residence of Wonderland of Dinah's hunting skills while she is there.

The raven is a black bird that sits on a bust of Pallas above a door. The bird repeats the word "Nevermore" in response to the questions of the resident of the house he is sitting in.

The significance of the raven is that it is often known as a…
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