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An hourglass created in order to fight off the evil Bellum, then entrusted to the Hero in order to destroy the evil for good.

A flute used by the Locomus to defend the Spirit Tracks and protect the land from the evil Malladus

A powerful bow used by the Spirits of Good to fight off the great evil Maladus.

A sword wielded by the Spirits of Good during the fight against the great evil Malladus

A magical conductors baton used by Hero's of old to conduct the power of minor gods and use their power.

This mirror is an object that connects the Light world with the Twilight world, created directly by the Goddess’ to banish the Twili race for trying to take over the Sacred Realm in the Interloper War and was subsequently left in Hylian possession by…

These are rare and powerful magical artifacts given to the hero from three of the Great Fairies. They cast the spells:
Din's Fire- Creates a blast of fire, damaging surrounding objects and enemies.
Nayru's Love- Provides a protective…

An ocarina passed down through the Royal Family with the power to make things happen when certain songs are played.

Three stones with spiritual representation of the three goddess' gifted to the three races of the land besides the Hylians. The Koriri's Emerald, Goron's Ruby and Zora's Sapphire, given to the leader of each race as an heirloom. They are also keys to…

A divine weapon known as "The Bane of All Evil", it is a powerful sword capable of fighting and destroying all evil and only able to be wielded by the worthy.
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