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Lady was a birthday present from Katniss to Prim. Originally owned by the Goatman, Katniss bought the goat at a good price due to its lame leg.

The goat produced milk for the family. When Katniss is sent to the 74th Hunger Games, she tells Prim…

Buttercup is Primrose's pet cat. He is considered to be an ugly cat because of his matted, dirty fur and his scrunched up nose. He also has an ear with a chunk missing. His name is derived from Prim's belief that his yellow fur is comparable to the…

Primrose wore this outfit during the 74th reaping in which her name was selected as the female tribute from District 12. This outfit consists of a cream colored blouse with lace trim along the collar and down the front. She also wore a green floral…
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