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The white rose is a symbol to represent President Snow. Snow is most always seen in contact with a white rose, on his lapel or otherwise in his garden of roses or decoration around his home. The rose stands a symbol for President Snow's need to…

Slade Wilson wears a mask which dons the colors orange and black, orange on his right side and black on his left. It is the same mask worn by his torturers when he was on the island he had been washed upon for many years.
The colors on his mask…

Conquest's white horse comes smashing into the world and smashes the idea of white being pure. With the presence of Conquest everyone around him is consumed with the lust for power, and thus meaning that Conquest's pal, War, must be close behind.…

Upon the pale horse, ribs peering through the flesh and fur, rides "The Pale Rider", or Death. There is a mysticism to the horse, a meaning that people are still theorizing to discover. Its meaning isn't as clear as the other three Horsemen. But one…

The horseman of War, as told in the story of Revelations, rides upon a red horse. The color red is associated with war in many mythologies - one example being the Celtic goddess Morrigan, the goddess of war.
Along with the similarities in other…

Famine rides upon a black horse. His horse holds all of the absorption of what Famine has stolen from the world just as the color black swallows up the light.
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