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1794 Fabricatore 6 string Early Romantic French Guitar. Honey colored wood, simple decoration around the edge of the guitar and the sound hole. Decorative black metal expanding from guitar’s bridge. Some mild scratching due to age.

The Musgroves own a grand-piano, but their grown daughters are only passable players. The piano is scattered amongst Henrietta and Louisa’s other accomplishments, but they are much more oriented toward laughing and socializing than practicing music…

Marrianne brings her piano-forte from Norland to their new cottage. Fanny Dashwood is disappointed that such a fine instrument should go to a family with such inferior wealth, but Marrianne has a special connection to the instrument. At various…

Mocking jays are an accidental mutation that came into existence when male jabberjays mated with female mocking jays after being released into the wild during the Dark Days.

While mockingjays do not have the same abilities as the jabberjay to…

Though this lyre is typically associated with Apollo, it was created by the great god Hermes. On the day that Hermes was born, he stole and hid Apollo's cattle. As he is a cunning and mischievous god, he was able to do so without anyone but his…
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