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An old pair of sunglasses with a lens missing.

Energy bars, meant to give you a boost in energy and build muscle.

snowman and his bedsheet.jpg
The sheet Jimmy wears as a toga

A new breed of humans

Part bobcat, part kitten. Bred to be smaller and less aggressive than normal bobcats, and to replace the feral cat population. Soon started mauling joggers and attacking small dogs and babies.

Pigs that are genetically modified specifically for the purpose of harvesting replacement organs for humans.

"What they were looking at was a large bulblike object that seemed to be covered with stippled whitish-yellow skin. Out of it came twenty thick fleshy tubes, and at the end of each tube another bulb was growing."

Part raccoon, part skunk. The main character of the first book in the series had one named Killer that he kept as a pet until his mother set her free.

blyss pluss pills.jpg
A pill created by Crake that was intended to wipe out the human species, so he could replace them with his Crakers.
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