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Abyss Greatsword.jpg
A grey greatsword tainted with blue and black splotches - presumably corruption from the Abyss. It can be seen wielded by Knight Artorias the Abysswalker in his boss fight. If Artorias is defeated, the player obtains his soul, which can then be used…

A powerful bow used by the Spirits of Good to fight off the great evil Maladus.

Ghirahim, first villain of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He should be considered villainous because he is constantly fighting against the hero of the game (Link) and is trying to unleash a great evil... And for good reason. The reason is the same…

The Goddess Sword is a sword that was brought to the land of Hyrule by their patron goddess, Hyla, in order for it to be shattered and remade by mortal hands in order to be used to raise the Hylians and their lands into the sky. Later used to fight…

A statue endowed with Grindylow thaumaturgy. Powered internally by a Magnus Fin, the statue gives it user partial invisibility, increased strength and speed, and desolidification. Users must tongue kiss the statue and let it draw some of their blood.…

Katniss Everdeen used this item to hunt for food and also used it as a weapon of choice in the arena. “Katniss’ friend Gale Hawthorne was also a skilled archer, learning his skills from Katniss, who in turn learned from her father, Mr. Everdeen.”

kill o zap.jpg
The Kill-o-Zap is a weapon wielded by the police from Blagulon Kappa. It is a standard and widespread brand of raygun. It is a gun for going out and making people miserable with.

A sword wielded by the Spirits of Good during the fight against the great evil Malladus

Uther Doul and the Possible Sword
The Possible Sword is a probability-altering sword artifact from the Ghosthead Empire. Holding the potential to strike in all possible directions at the same time, this ceramic blade is powered by a probability engine. The sword is owned by Uther…

Riverbows are deadly weapons designed specifically to kill adult Cactacae, humanoid beings that have the skin of a cactus and the general physiology of a very large human. These deadly weapons are designed like crossbows but are significantly larger…
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