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Mocking jays are an accidental mutation that came into existence when male jabberjays mated with female mocking jays after being released into the wild during the Dark Days.

While mockingjays do not have the same abilities as the jabberjay to remember whole conversations or even to enunciate words; they do have the ability to recite notes, tunes, and even melodies to whole songs when they are sung to by a human voice that they think is beautiful. These birds can also recreate songs.

The significance of the appearance of the mockingjays in the hunger games series is that they are considered a symbol of rebellion against the capital because their existence was caused by a mistake made by the capital. Their presence is also a reminder for Katniss Everdeen of her father and of her friend and 74th hunger game ally, Rue.

The presence of mockingjays in the 74th hunger games also becomes important to how Katniss and Rue communicate when they separate to "take out" the career's food supply.


Mockingjays are the product of cross breeding Mocking Birds with Jabberjays.


Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins


These birds originated sometime during the Dark Days. Their existence happened shortly after Jabberjays were released into the wild. This would have been over 75 years before Katniss Everdeen took down the Capital.


Brittany Vlaminck


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