USS Mahan DD-102


USS Mahan DD-102


Ship, Destroyer


Based off of the USS Mahan DD-102 from the Destroyermen Series by Taylor Anderson.

The USS Mahan DD-102 is a Wickes-class destroyer aka as a “four stacker” because of its four smokestacks that release steam from its four boiler rooms. Wickes class destroyer’s common armament consisted of 4 x 4 inch/50 caliber guns, 1 x 3 inch/23 caliber AA gun, and 12 x 21 inch torpedo tubes. The recorded top speed for Wickes class destroyers was at 35.3 knots (64 KM/h). The crew complement was around 100 officers and enlisted. The Wickes class was built during 1917-1919 and a 111 ships were built which saw action in World War 1 and held several roles through World War 2. She was assigned to the Asiatic Fleet and was a part of the squadron that also included the USS Walker.

Much like her sister ship, Mahan saw a great deal of action during the beginning months of World War 2. She served with Walker in several battles with the HMS Exeter, USS Pope, and HMS Encounter. Including Walker, Mahan was one of the last ships surviving after an attack by a Japanese battle group led by the IJN Amagi. Mahan was severely damaged compared to her sister ship because of a direct salvo hit from the Amagi. Because of this the few remaining senior officers decided to perform a final charge with the last amount of torpedoes left in her arsenal. The attack was effective and just like Walker she was transported to the Alternate Earth thanks to the Squall. Mahan now serves with Walker and her allies the Lemurians against the Grik threat.


Fore River Shipyard, Quincy Massachusetts.

United States Navy


Destroyermen series by Taylor Anderson


ROC Science Fiction


Jared Lampe




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