Estus Flask


Estus Flask


A usable item in Dark Souls.


A container filled with a glowing orange substance called Estus. The Estus Flask acts as a usable item in Dark Souls that is gained when a player rests at a Bonfire. When used, the player appears to drink the Estus in the Flask, restoring their health. The Estus Flask is one of the most important items in Dark Souls, as it is the only reliable source of healing in a game that will deal lots of damage to most players. The management of these limited flasks between Bonfires or during boss fights is one of the cores of Dark Souls' gameplay, and in a way, a player may get attached to these items. This would make sense considering what Estus may be. The nature of this substance is never explained, but judging by the fact that Estus is restored at Bonfires and gives an orange glow to the otherwise dull green containers, Estus is likely liquid fire.

Given this interpretation, the Estus Flasks take on more symbolic meaning. The importance of fire to humanity and this world is exemplified by the Bonfires, but by making fire a crucial resource the player carries with them, this importance is reinforced. Fire is not just something to rest by or strive for, but something that is crucial for pushing through the struggles of Dark Souls. Making Estus a resource the player learns to preserve and appreciate makes fire a resource to be treated the same way. There is also the fact that Estus serves its function by directly restoring the health of the player. Fire, or perhaps its warmth, has healing properties in this world just as warmth is associated with comfort and healing in the real world.


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