Peculiar Doll


Peculiar Doll


A hidden item in Dark Souls.


A worn, featureless doll found tucked away in the Undead Asylum. The body and limbs are thin and angular, and the sickly green coloration gives the impression of age and rust. The item's description implies that the doll once belonged to an "abomination" that was drawn into a "painted world." The item is not able to be directly used, but having it on the player's person allows them to enter the Painted World. The Painted World is, as the doll's item description says, "cold and lonely." The only entity within it that isn't immediately hostile is a woman named Crossbreed Priscilla, the child of a human and a dragon. This information, combined with the fact that she lives in the Painted World, implies that she was the owner of the Peculiar Doll.

Aside from a likely owner, little is known about this doll. It is not known how it acquired its world-traversing powers, it is not known how it made it out of the Painted World, and it is not known how it got into the fortified and isolated Undead Asylum. The Peculiar Doll almost serves as a microcosm of Dark Souls' style of story telling. Vague pieces of information are given through a discovery the player makes on their own, and the player is left to fill in the blanks.


Hidetaki Miyazaki


Dark Souls


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