Akira Class Starship


Akira Class Starship




The Federation Akira class starship entered service in the 2370s where several ships of this class participated in The Battle of Sector 001 and several battles throughout the Dominion War. Akira class starships are a part of the first wave of newly designed starships that came about after the Federation massacre at the Battle of Wolf 359. The new line of starships were designed to combat the Borg threat and provide combat advantages and increase survivability for Federation personal while in battle. The Akira class came with an armament of six type-10 phaser emitters and at least Five Photon torpedo launchers. The crew compliment of the Akira class is 500 officers and enlisted. The Maximum Warp speed is at 9.8 and can be sustained for roughly 12 hours. These new designs, features and advantages had their baptism of fire in the Battle of Sector 001 where Federation forces engaged a Borg cube in the Sol system. The new starships and tactics proved more effective against the Borg, with a fleet managing to deal severe damage to the Borg Cube and with reinforcement from the USS Enterprise, were able to destroy the Borg Cube. The Akira soon proved her worth again in several engagements with Dominion forces during the Dominion War of 2373-2375.


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United Federation of Planets


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