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Katniss Everdeen used this item to hunt for food and also used it as a weapon of choice in the arena. “Katniss’ friend Gale Hawthorne was also a skilled archer, learning his skills from Katniss, who in turn learned from her father, Mr. Everdeen.”

Slade Wilson wears a mask which dons the colors orange and black, orange on his right side and black on his left. It is the same mask worn by his torturers when he was on the island he had been washed upon for many years.
The colors on his mask…

During Katniss’ first private session, she shot an arrow directly at the Gamemakers’ table, skewering an apple in the mouth of a roasted pig that had been brought in for them. “With the Gamemakers’ attention and her point made, Katniss then walked…
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