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Victor Frankenstein's book written by Cornelius Agrippa. Due to the conflict from his father's dismissal of this book, Victor reads this book and other similar books with much more passion.

Sir Walter Elliot is fond of perusing his copy of the Beronetage to find his own name listed. When his daughters are married, he also takes pride in adding them to Elliot entry. As a man who does not care for reading, Sir Elliot’s affection for the…

While in Bath, Catherine Morland is reading The Mysteries of Udolpho and discusses it excitedly with Isabella. Catherine loves to read novels, and Udolpho quickly becomes one of her favorite topics of conversation. John Thorpe’s dismissal of novels…

Mr. Collins chooses Sermons to Young Women by James Fordyce to read to his 5 female cousins for entertainment. He refuses to continue reading after Lydia interrupts and is offended that his cousins are not all receptive to his lesson. It not only…
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