Tracker Jacker


Tracker Jacker


Flora and Fauna


Tracker Jackers are a wasp like mutation who's venom can cause sickness, hallucinations, madness, and sometimes death. These creatures are significantly larger than average wasps and have a distict gold body. Tracker Jackers are known to attack anyone they feel threatened by and have the ability to track down their enemies. One sting from these little guys can create a lump "the size of a plum", there is also a green ooze that drips out of the stings.

The significance to their existence is that they can be perceived as a third party in any war because they do not take sides, but rather they attack anyone or thing that poses a threat to them.

In the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen uses these dangerous little guys to attack and ward off the Careers. This attack kills two of the tributes, Glimmer from District 1 and the girl from District 4.

While dropping the nest on the Careers helps her escape, Katniss does not leave untouched. She suffers from three stings from the tracker jacker nest. This causes her to hallucinate, making an encounter with Peeta seem unreal.


Capital scientists


Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins


These wasp like mutations were created in the Dark Days of Panem.


Brittany Vlaminck


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