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High Fantasy in Modern Fiction

High fantasy, a subgenre of fantasy fiction, is usually classified by fictional settings that are in fantasized worlds and often have other fictionalized aspects. While there are many different aspects to include, author-created languages, non-human races, and various forms of magic are three commonly seen things in high fantasy works. Many modern High fantasy works are measured against the great J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy and often include similar themes.

When looking at a work of fiction, the subgenre of high fantasy can be seen if the story has a conflict between good and evil characters. This conflict often puts the fate of the world at stake, and is often (but not always) spread out through multiple installments. Other noticeable traits that are sometimes seen in high fantasy include maps of the fictionalized worlds and magical items that assist the protagonists.

This collection targets the use of magical weapons, specifically swords, in high fantasy works.

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Evolution of Fantastical Items

This is a collecetion of fantasy items and their evolution. From the Necronomicon to the Hovercrafts. 

The evolution of fantasy items in novels and short stories is a correlation to what is happening at those times in society. Every gneration has important societal events that take place that shape the writing styles and imaginations of those writing in that generation. The 20's, 50's, 60's, and 2000's are presented in this exhibit. These novels are also a collection of works that were considered "controversial" for their time.  Many of the novels I have chosen have been a source of contention in society and have caused feuds amongst people.  

This exhibit eplores these items starting in the 1950's and evolving into present day. The items in the exhibit are all selected specificaly for this exhibit, and demonstrate some kind of societal change/evolution from a previous generation. These are important items to include in a collection of fantastical items as they are all pieces from fantasy novels that one may wish to obtain. These items caught my attention while reading and as such have merited a place in this exhibit. 

Some works covered in this exhibit are: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter (1-7), etc. 


Fantastical Foods

An assortment of foods with strange, fascinating, and unusual qualities and histories.

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Symbolism in Dark Souls


FromSoftware is a company known for making games that are mechanically challenging, aesthetically pleasing, and narratively confusing. The storytelling in their games is rarely straightforward, and information about the narrative or themes is almost never given directly. In spite of this indirect method of storytelling, when one looks closer at FromSoftware’s breakout title Dark Souls, it becomes clear how thematically rich the game is. Many of Dark Souls’ themes are solely communicated by gameplay elements. This method of communicating themes takes full advantage of the interactive medium and allows a player to discover the meaning in the story themselves. Combine this with the fact that multiple elements and items in Dark Souls contribute to these broader ideas, and the first and perhaps even subsequent playthrough of Dark Souls can be a very introspective experience. These pages examine just some of the themes presented in Dark Souls through the items a player can find in the world of Lordran. 

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