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Umbriel was a city ripped from the realm of Oblivion. It is described as a large, conical landmass that would slowly float around the continent of Tamriel. Its inhabitants would begin their lives as worms in cocoons and would not be born before they…

Umbra was a sword created by the witch Naenra Werr at the request of the Daedric Prince, Clavicus Vile. Vile desired it as a tool to send him souls from the mortal realm. To give it this ability, the sword required a piece of the Daedric Prince's…

The Lonely Mountain of Erebor was once the home of the Dwarves of Durin until the dragon Smaug sacked the city.
In "The Hobbit", Bilbo Baggins joined Gandalf and Thorin along with his dwarf kinfolk to reclaim their home and the riches that lay…

kafka sofa.jpg
This couch is a stylish couch for the time, with a carved wooden frame and decorative red upholstery. It is small enough to fit into a bedroom, but its wooden legs lift up the seat enough that Gregor can fit underneath in his insect form.

Riptide is Percy Jackson's weapon of choice. Gifted to him by Chiron, it doubles as a ballpoint pen until its sharp blade is called upon. It is made from Celestial Bronze so it is deadly to mythological creatures, but passes aimlessly through…

The Pip-Boy (Personal Information Processor) was created by Robco before the great war of 2077. The Pip-Boy 3000 was the seventh model of Pip-Boy created. A Pip-Boy is given to all vault dwellers when they reach the age of 10. The Pip-Boy 3000 is a…

Mouse in a Maze.jpg
The mouse Algernon is the titular character of the story, used as a foreshadowing device for Charlie's intellectual progress.

The Handmaid's uniform consists of a red dress that is modest, long-sleeved, and floor length. Handmaids are required to wear a white bonnet that restricts peripheral as well. When leaving the home, gloves and a veil are also imposed.

This family photo album was given to Harry by the Gamekeeper Hagrid at the end of his first year at Hogwarts. The album symbolized Hagrid's love for Harry as well as a connection to Harry's mother and father.

Before this album was given to him,…

Surgeon Tools are related to Victor's hubris and the fact that he let it get the best of him. Surgeon tools are usually used to preserve life however in Victor's case, he uses them for destruction. This will connect to character, as Victor's tools…
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