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Though this lyre is typically associated with Apollo, it was created by the great god Hermes. On the day that Hermes was born, he stole and hid Apollo's cattle. As he is a cunning and mischievous god, he was able to do so without anyone but his…

A harp used by the goddess and given to her people. The harp has magical qualities and can play the songs given to worthy users by the other three goddesses, Farore, Din, and Nayru.

An ocarina passed down through the Royal Family with the power to make things happen when certain songs are played.

A magical conductors baton used by Hero's of old to conduct the power of minor gods and use their power.

A flute used by the Locomus to defend the Spirit Tracks and protect the land from the evil Malladus

Marrianne brings her piano-forte from Norland to their new cottage. Fanny Dashwood is disappointed that such a fine instrument should go to a family with such inferior wealth, but Marrianne has a special connection to the instrument. At various…

Mr. Darcy gives his younger sister Georgiana a new piano-forte as a gift. This demonstrates his caring attentions as her guardian and Georgiana’s accomplishment. She practices much of the day and is regarded for her skill. Georgiana’s accomplishment…

Jane Fairfax’s piano is an anonymous gift, leading all her acquaintance to speculate on the giver. Frank encourages Emma to believe that Mr. Dixon gave it to Jane, evidence of an improper attachment, but Frank was her actual benefactor. The piano…
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